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Think Quarterly – Google Quartely Publication Launched

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Google has quietly launched a new quarterly publication online called Think Quarterly.  Be sure to look at the PDF version and how the Table Of Contents is designed.  It uses tags and lines to link articles with related topics.  As Google states it allows you to not only read but explore the magazine.

Here’s Google’s statement about the publication:

“Like most companies, Google regularly communicates with our business customers via email newsletters, updates on our official blogs, and printed materials.

On this occasion, we’ve sent a short book about data, called Think Quarterly, to a small number of our UK partners and advertisers. You’re now on the companion website, (also available at, if you’re on the move).

We’re flattered by the positive reaction but have no plans to start selling copies! Although Think Quarterly remains firmly aimed at Google’s partners and advertisers, if you’re interested in the subject of data then please feel free to read on…”

Finger Painting on the Apple iPad with Brushes

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

This is a pretty amazing video of finger painting on the Apple iPad using the Brushes App.  Enjoy!