Hitler’s Angry Reaction to Apple’s iPad

I must say this is by far the best video parody in reaction to Apple’s iPad.  I’m a huge Apple fan but must say I was very disappointed that the iPad does not inlude a camera.  I’m sure the camera will be in the next release, Apple always keeps some features out of the first product release so people have a reason to upgrade 6-12 months later.  It will be interesting to see if the iPad will revolutionize mobile/handheld computing. I believe it will.

A few items most people aren’t acknowledging is the 3G AT&T deal.  NO CONTRACT.  Activation right on the iphone.  You can sign up for it, disconnect and sign up as often as you like.  This is HUGE and no one else has been able to make a deal like this.

This video sums up my initial thoughts and feelings very well.  However I’m sure I will still be one of the first to order an iPad.  In fact, in a couple years I’m sure I’ll have one to keep in the living room, one for the bedroom and one for the living room.