Best BitTorrent Client for Mac – Transmission

I’ve been using Azureus (now called Vuze) for awhile as my BitTorrent client.  I’ve also used XTorrent in the past.  I’ve never been very happy with either one.  I just want a very fast and lightweight app for downloading Torrents. I don’t need a video player or organizer.

After a few searches and reading some reviews I decided to try Transmission.  Here are some of the highlights from Transmission’s homepage:

The first item is what really caught my attention.  The download is fairly small, only 4.8mb for Mac OS X.  After downloading and dragging it into my Applications folder I launched it.  It gave a nice warning about file sharing (something I appreciated).  It launches much faster than both Vuze and Xtorrent. has posted a nice article on How to use Transmission as your BitTorrent Client.